01. Blue whales can make sounds which are nearly twice as [loud] as a jet taking off.
02. In Japanese culture, it is perfectly acceptable to make [loud] slurping sounds when you are eating noodles.
03. The movie was quite funny, and I found myself laughing out [loud] a number of times.
04. The child got frightened when he heard his parents arguing [loudly] in the kitchen.
05. We heard a [loud] bang, and ran outside, where we saw there had been a car accident.
06. I heard a [loud] crash from the kitchen, and ran in to find that my cat had knocked over a pile of dirty dishes.
07. To warn off other males, orangutans burp [loudly] to declare their territory.
08. I doubt Janis will go to the party; she doesn't like [loud] music or crowds.
09. The people of Madagascar are extremely polite, and generally will not speak too [loudly].
10. The fridge is making a [loud] humming sound that is starting to drive me crazy.
11. Make sure you knock [loudly] when you come to the door; I might be in another room, and it is sometimes difficult to hear.
12. Someone once joked, "Our mechanic couldn't repair the brakes on your car, so we made your horn [louder]."
13. The music was so [loud] in the nightclub that we had to shout at each other to have a conversation.
14. The little girls were skipping rope, and singing [loudly].
15. The noise in the factory was so [loud] that we couldn't hear ourselves speaking.
16. He spoke her name [aloud] as he looked at their old wedding photos.
17. You shouldn't turn the music up so [loud]. You're going to go deaf some day.
18. The dogs barked [loudly] at our next door neighbor's cat as it walked along the fence.
19. The [loudness] of the outdoor concert resulted in a number of complaints.
20. It's important for parents to read [aloud] to their children on a regular basis.
21. The people in the crowd who screamed the [loudest] were awarded t-shirts.
22. There is an Armenian proverb which states that the voice of the people is [louder] than the boom of a cannon.
23. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "What you do speaks so [loud] that I cannot hear what you say."
24. A Chinese proverb notes that being in the right does not depend on having a [loud] voice.
25. There is an old saying which states that actions speak [louder] than words.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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